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Personalised Number Plates - By farmers, for farmers.

We specialise in number plates linked with farming and the countryside in general. Popular plates include COW, GUN, EWE and more. A cherished number is a registration which is either owned by us or by a person or company that we deal with to sell the number on their behalf. Transfer to your vehicle usually takes around 2 weeks and you will received the retention document to make the transfer your self or in many cases we are able to make the transfer for you.

Farm plates has been set up by some farming friends who see personalised number plates as some harmless fun but something that many people know little about. We would like to offer a complete services so we can find you the plate you want for your self or as a gift, order the plates to go on the vehicle and even make the transfer, making the whole process as stress free as possible.

These are early days in farm plates so please bare with us on stock available as we are a new company so can only secure plates as they become available. We are always keen to buy new plates so if you are looking to sell please get in touch, we are also happy to market your plate for you on your behalf.

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Invoice provided | Debit and credit cards accepted